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The American Civil War was fought in over 2,000 places, over a period of four terrible years.  From April 1861, to the summer of 1865, friends fought friends, brothers fought brothers and cousins fought cousins.  Very few families would escape, untouched by the war, with some families losing fathers, and sons.

In the course of four terrible years, over 620,000 Americans would be killed, from battlefield injuries, and disease, in this mighty scourge of war.  At the Battle of Antietam, there would be close to 24,000 casualties, in one day - more than we lost at Normandy, in World War II.  These numbers are amazing, when you consider that the entire population, of the U.S., at this time, was less than 31,500,000.  In today's numbers, we would have to lose close to 6 million soldiers to match the level of killing we endured then.  The efficiency of killing, was impacted by the improvement in weaponry during the middle of the 19th Century.  While the weaponry was quickly advancing, the battlefield tactics were not keeping pace.  We became very good at killing each other during this time.

During the war, the North would enjoy a significant numeric advantage in troops.  Additionally, they would have more advanced weaponry and a better Navy.  The South would benefit from more aggressive commanders, and would have the advantage of fighting to protect their "home and hearth," as most of the battles would be fought in the Confederate states. Unfortunately, neither army would take full advantage of their strengths, causing the war to drag on for four long years.

The purpose of this web site, is to raise awareness, of our country's history.  If you take away a better understanding of our history, I will be well pleased.  Additionally, this web site will allow you to see beautiful pictures of our most celebrated battlefields.

Michael Noirot
St. Louis, Missouri - USA

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