The Great Locomotive Chase

Location: Ringgold, GA
Dates: April 12, 1862
Union Commander:  James Andrews (Civilian)
Confederate Commander:  William A. Fuller (Conductor/Civilian)

Battle Summary:
On April 12, 1862, James Andrews, along with nineteen Union infantry (all from Ohio), left Tennessee to meet destiny in northern Georgia.  Andrews had a plan that would help relieve the Unionists in eastern Tennessee.  Andrews believed that he and the Ohio troops (who would forever be know as the Andrews Raiders), could enter northern Georgia, steal a train, and tear up track, burn bridges and create fear from Atlanta to Chattanooga.  With covert cooperation from U.S. Brigadier General Ormsby M. Mitchel, the troops, dressed as civilians, arrived.....   More>>>>

The original Ringgold train station.

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