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John M. Schofield

Date of Birth:      September 29, 1831
Hometown:        Gerry, NY
Education:           West Point, 1853
Final Wartime Rank:    Major General
Final Peacetime Rank:  Lieutenant General

Date of Death:     March 4, 1906
Place of Death:    St. Augustine, FL
Buried At:           Arlington National Cemetery

Major Battles:        Wilson's Creek, Atlanta Campaign, Battle of Franklin, Battle of Nashville, Carolinas Campaign

Interesting Fact(s):    Schofield was a teacher at the Military Academy, in Florida.  At the Battle of Wilson's Creek, in southwest Missouri, Schofield was US Brigadier Nathanial Lyon's chief of staff.  Schofield would provide valuable service to the United States, during the Atlanta Campaign, and his defense, at Franklin, TN would shatter CS Lieutenant General John Bell Hood's army.  After the Civil War, Schofield would be Secretary of War, superintendent of West Point and would have command of the entire US Army after General Phil Sheridan died, in 1888.  Schofield would be remembered for his recommendation that Pearl Harbor be obtained for a Pacific naval base.

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