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John F. Hartranft

Date of Birth:      December 16, 1830
Hometown:         Pottstown, PA
Education:           Union College
Final Wartime Rank:    Brigadier General
Final Peacetime Rank:  N/A

Date of Death:     October 17, 1889
Place of Death:    Norristown, PA
Buried At:            Norristown, PA

Major Battles:        First Manassas, Burnside's Carolina Coastal Campaign, Overland Campaign, Siege of Petersburg

Interesting Fact(s):    Hartranft was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, for gallant service at First Manassas.  While at Manassas, Hartranft's entire regiment marched to the rear, claiming their 90 day term of enlistment had expired.  Hartranft went to William Franklin, and volunteered his services.

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