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James B. Ricketts

Date of Birth:      June 21, 1817
Hometown:        New York, NY
Education:           West Point, 1839
Final Wartime Rank:    Major General
Final Peacetime Rank:  Major General

Date of Death:     September 22, 1887
Place of Death:    Washington, DC
Buried At:           Arlington National Cemetery

Major Battles:        First Manassas, Cedar Mountain, Second Manassas, Antietam Campaign, Overland Campaign, Monocacy, Sheridan's 1864 Shenandoah Campaign, Cedar Creek, Appomattox Campaign

Interesting Fact(s):    Ricketts would bravely command an artillery battery, at Henry House Hill, during the Battle of First Manassas, where he would be shot four times, and captured by the Confederates.  After being exchanged, in January 1862, he would be promoted brigadier general, and would lead a division, of infantry, at Cedar Mountain.  Ricketts would command an army Corps, during the Battle of Cedar Creek, where he was once again wounded - a wound that would disable him for life.

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