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Franz Sigel

Date of Birth:      November 18, 1824
Hometown:         Baden, Germany
Education:           Karlsruhe Military Academy, 1843
Final Wartime Rank:    Major General
Final Peacetime Rank:  Major General

Date of Death:     August 21, 1902
Place of Death:    New York, NY
Buried At:           New York, NY

Major Battles:        Camp Jackson (St. Louis), Battle of Carthage (MO), Pea Ridge, Second Manassas, Battle of New Market

Interesting Fact(s):    Sigel, born in Germany, would immigrate to the United States, during the insurrections, in Germany, in the late 1840's.  Sigel would teach school in New York, and St Louis.  He would become the director of schools in St Louis.  Sigel, would become a brigadier general, early in the Civil War, and would recruit the Germans in St Louis, into Union service.  While not the strongest military leader, Sigel would become a significant figure in the northern states, driving immigrant enlistments into the Union Army, especially within the German community.  German, and Dutch soldiers, serving under Sigel would proudly state, "I fights mit Sigel."  Sigel would help lead the artillery barrage, on Earl Van Dorn's Confederates, during the second day of fighting at Pea Ridge, Arkansas, that would ultimately lead to the Union victory there, for U.S. Brigadier General Benjamin Curtis.  Acceding to command, of John C. Fremont's Corps, in the Shenandoah Valley, Sigel would be trounced by the Confederate troops, from the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), at New Market, in 1864.  This would be his last active military command.

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