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Daniel McCook, Jr.

Date of Birth:      July 22, 1834
Hometown:         Carrollton, OH
Education:           Alabama University
Final Wartime Rank:    Brigadier General
Final Peacetime Rank:  N/A

Date of Death:     July 17, 1864
Place of Death:    Steubenville, OH
Buried At:            Cincinnati, OH

Major Battles:        Wilson's Creek, Shiloh, Kentucky Campaign, Chickamauga, Chattanooga Campaign, Ringgold Gap, Relief of Knoxville, Atlanta Campaign

Interesting Fact(s):    McCook is the younger brother of Major General Alexander McD. McCook.  Immediately prior to the Civil War, he would become a law partner with William Sherman, and Thomas Ewing - both of which would become Union generals.  The younger McCook was a brave leader, and would be mortally wounded, attempting to take the Rebel works on Kennesaw Mountain, during the Atlanta Campaign.

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