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Charles F. Smith

Date of Birth:      April 24, 1807
Hometown:         Philadelphia, PA
Education:           West Point, 1825
Final Wartime Rank:    Major General
Final Peacetime Rank:  Colonel

Date of Death:     April 25, 1862
Place of Death:    Savannah, TN
Buried At:           Philadelphia, PA

Major Battles:        Fort Henry, Fort Donelson

Interesting Fact(s):    Smith, an 1825 graduate, of West Point, would go on to be the commandant of cadets, through 1842.  Smith would have, for a cadet, none other than Ulysses S. Grant - the future commanding general, of the army, during the Civil War.  During the Civil War, Smith would command a division, at the battles of Forts Henry, and Donelson - under the command, of his previous cadet, U.S. Grant.  After the Battle of Fort Donelson., Henry W. Halleck, looking for a reason to remove a potential competitor, in Grant, relieved Grant of command, putting Smith in charge of the army, heading upriver, to Shiloh.  While Grant would end up commanding the army, at Shiloh, the United States would forever lose the services, of an excellent soldier, when Smith would die, at Savannah, TN, from an infection sustained during a mishap on a riverboat.

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