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William "Billy" Mahone

Date of Birth:      December 1, 1826
Hometown:         Southampton County, VA
Education:           Virginia Military Institute, 1847
Final Wartime Rank:    Major General
Final Peacetime Rank:  N/A

Date of Death:     October 8, 1895
Place of Death:    Washington, DC
Buried At:           Petersburg, VA

Major Battles:        Capture of Norfolk Naval Yard, Battle of Drewry's Bluff, Peninsula Campaign, Seven Days, Second Manassas, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Overland Campaign, Siege of Petersburg, Appomattox Campaign

Interesting Fact(s):    A graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, Mahone would go on to teach at the Rappahannock Military Academy, and would also study engineering, there.  He would become involved in railroad engineering, and in 1861, would become president of the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad.  With the outbreak, of hostilities, he would become colonel of the 6th Virginia Infantry.  Leading his regiment, he would take part in the capture of the Norfolk Naval Yard, and would command that district, until it was evacuated.  Mahone would provide engineering leadership, in the construction of the defenses at Drewry's Bluff (Fort Darling), after which, he would be permanently assigned to the Army of Northern Virginia, taking part in all of its campaigns, with the exception of Chancellorsville.  He would be promoted brigadier general, in November, 1861 and major general in July 1864 - in recognition of his defense, at the Battle of the Crater, at Petersburg, VA.  R.E. Lee would remark, that of all his younger commanders, Mahone made the most important contribution to its organization, and command.  After the war, Mahone would create, what would become the Norfolk and Western Railroad system.  His public life, not over, he would be elected to the U.S. Senate on the "Readjuster" ticket, in 1880.

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