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Maxcy Gregg

Date of Birth:      August 1, 1814
Hometown:         Columbia, SC
Education:           South Carolina College
Final Wartime Rank:    Brigadier General
Final Peacetime Rank:  N/A

Date of Death:     December 15, 1862
Place of Death:    Fredericksburg, VA
Buried At:           Columbia, SC

Major Battles:        Fort Sumter, Peninsula Campaign, Seven Days, Cedar Mountain, Second Manassas, Harpers Ferry, Antietam Campaign, Fredericksburg

Interesting Fact(s):    Gregg, from Columbia, South Carolina, would practice law, after attending South Carolina College.  He would serve in the 12th Infantry, during the Mexican War, and would have a rank, of major.  A long term supporter of states rights, Gregg would be commissioned colonel of the 1st South Carolina Infantry, and would be present at Fort Sumter.  Gregg would be promoted, brigadier general, in December 1861, and would provide exceptional leadership during the Peninsula Campaign, Seven Days and Cedar Mountain.  At Second Manassas, Gregg's Brigade would be at the far left flank, of Jackson's 1st Corps.  His position near Sudley Church, would be hammered several times on the first day, decimating its soldiers.  Commanding a brigade, at Fredericksburg, he would be positioned near Thomas Jackson's right flank.  George Meade's division, would break through, in this sector, and Gregg, while rallying his brigade, would receive a mortal wound.

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