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Jones M. Withers

Date of Birth:      January 12, 1814
Hometown:         Madison County, AL
Education:           West Point, 1835
Final Wartime Rank:    Major General
Final Peacetime Rank:  N/A

Date of Death:     March 13, 1890
Place of Death:    Mobile, AL
Buried At:            Mobile, AL

Major Battles:       Battle of Shiloh, Kentucky Campaign, Stones River

Interesting Fact(s):    After graduating, from West Point, in 1835, Withers would resign his commission, to study law.  He would fight in the Indian campaigns, before practicing law, in Alabama.  During the Mexican War, he would be appointed lieutenant colonel, of the 13th Infantry, and was later promoted to the colonelcy of the 9th Infantry.  After the war, he would again resign his commission, and return to civilian life - becoming mayor of Mobile, AL from 1858, until the outbreak of the Civil War.  With the outbreak of hostilities, he would enter Confederate service as colonel, of the 3rd Alabama Infantry.  He would receive promotion to brigadier general on July 10, 1861.  He would lead a small division - two brigades - into battle at Shiloh,  after which, he would be promoted to major general, to date, from April 6, 1862 - the date of the battle.  Withers would lead his troops in the Kentucky Campaign, and at the bloody battle of Stones River.  After Thomas Hindman, replaced him in divisional command, he would return to Alabama, charged with commanding the state's reserve forces.  He would remain in this capacity for the remainder of the war.

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