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George E. Pickett

Date of Birth:      February 28, 1825
Hometown:         Richmond, VA
Education:           West Point, 1846
Final Wartime Rank:    Major General
Final Peacetime Rank:  N/A

Date of Death:     July 30, 1875
Place of Death:    Norfolk, VA
Buried At:           Richmond, VA

Major Battles:        Peninsula Campaign, Seven Days, Fredericksburg, Suffolk Campaign, Gettysburg, Siege of Petersburg, Five Forks, Sayler's Creek

Interesting Fact(s):    In the West Point class of 1846, Pickett would graduate last in class.  He would serve in the Mexican War, and would receive two brevet promotions, for gallantry.  After the Mexican War, he would serve on frontier duty, in Texas, and the Washington Territory.  With the outbreak of hostilities, he would resign his U.S. Army commission and become a colonel in the Confederate Army, tasked with the defending the Lower Rappahannock.  Appointed brigadier general, to rank from January 14, 1862, he would bravely lead his brigade during the upcoming Peninsula Campaign, and the Seven Days.  Severely wounded, at Gaines's Mill, he would miss the Antietam Campaign.  Pickett would be promoted, to major general, in October, 1862.  Leading a division, at Gettysburg, Pickett would charge into a nearly impenetrable, Union force, along Cemetery Ridge.  This charge would gain him notoriety, and would forever be called, "Pickett's Charge."  With most of his command wiped out, at Gettysburg, Pickett would go on to command the Department of Virginia and North Carolina.  He would be involved in the defense of Petersburg, and would be with R.E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, during their retreat to Appomattox, fighting at both Five Forks, and Sayler's CreekLee would admonish him, for his defeat, at Sayler's Creek, but he would remain with Lee until the very end.

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