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Braxton Bragg

Date of Birth:      March 22, 1817
Hometown:         Warrenton, NC
Education:           West Point, 1837
Final Wartime Rank:    General
Final Peacetime Rank:  N/A

Date of Death:     September 27, 1876
Place of Death:    Galveston, TX
Buried At:           Mobile, AL

Major Battles:        Shiloh, Siege of Corinth, Battle of Perryville (KY), Stones River, Tullahoma Campaign, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Carolinas Campaign

Interesting Fact(s):    Bragg, a graduate of West Point, would fight the Seminoles, in Florida, and serve bravely during the Mexican War.  He would reach the rank of lieutenant colonel, before retiring, in 1856, to farm in Louisiana.  After the start of hostilities, he would quickly be confirmed, brigadier general, in the Confederate Army.  After being promoted, major general, he would serve, under Albert Sidney Johnston, at Shiloh.  After Johnston's untimely death, at Shiloh, Bragg would quickly become a full general, in the Confederate Army.  He would lead the Army of Tennessee, into Kentucky, in 1862, and would be quickly repulsed, at Perryville, and would be pushed back into Tennessee.  In December, 1862, William Rosecrans's, US Army of the Cumberland, would push him further south, after defeating him, at Stones River.  In 1863, Bragg would be further humiliated, after a relatively bloodless campaign, near Tullahoma, TN.  Bragg's army would achieve it most shining victory, when it defeated Rosecrans, at Chickamauga, pushing them out of Georgia.  Bragg, never loved by his troops, would be relieved from duty, after U.S. Grant's army, would defeat them at Chattanooga.  Bragg, a close friend of Jefferson Davis, would serve as Davis's military advisor, in Richmond. Bragg would finish the war, serving under Joseph Johnston, in the Carolinas Campaign.

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