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Ben McCullough

Date of Birth:      November 11, 1811
Hometown:         Rutherford County, TN
Education:           N/A
Final Wartime Rank:    Brigadier General
Final Peacetime Rank:  N/A

Date of Death:     March 7, 1862
Place of Death:    Elkhorn Tavern, AR
Buried At:           Austin, TX

Major Battles:        Wilson's Creek, Pea Ridge

Interesting Fact(s):    McCullough, was the older brother, of Henry E. McCullough, another general officer in the Confederate service.  He would follow his neighbor, Davy Crockett, to Texas, and would see action in the battle of San Jacinto.  He would provide good service, to general Zachary Taylor, during the Mexican War.  After six years, as a U.S. marshal, he would become colonel of the state troops, of Texas.  He would receive general Twiggs surrender, at San Antonio.  Appointed brigadier general, in the Provisional Confederate Army, in May, 1861, he would be assigned to command all troops in Arkansas.  In combination, with Sterling Price's Missouri militia, he would defeat brigadier general Nathanial Lyon, at the battle of Wilson's Creek, near Springfield, Missouri, on August 10, 1861.  Commanding a brigade, of major general Earl Van Dorn's Army of the West, McCullough would be killed, at the Battle of Pea Ridge, in March 1862, in northwest Arkansas.  This would lead to disorganization, and the eventual Confederate defeat, at the hands of brigadier general Samuel Curtis.

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