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Arnold Elzey (Jones)

Date of Birth:      December 18, 1816
Hometown:         Somerset County, MD
Education:           West Point, 1837
Final Wartime Rank:    Major General
Final Peacetime Rank:  N/A

Date of Death:     February 21, 1871
Place of Death:    Anne Arundel County, MD
Buried At:           Baltimore, MD

Major Battles:        First Manassas, Jackson's 1862 Valley Campaign, Peninsula Campaign, Seven Days

Interesting Fact(s):    After graduating, from West Point, Elzey would drop his family name, Jones, for his more distinctive middle name, Elzey.  In the Mexican War, he would earn brevet promotions for gallantry, on the battlefield.  With the outbreak of the Civil War, he would resign his captain's commission and enter the Confederate service, as colonel of the 1st Maryland.  Elzey would be promoted brigadier general for his actions at First Manassas.  He would go to command a brigade, in Jackson's 1862 Valley Campaign.  During the Seven Days campaign, he would be severely wounded, leading to a long recovery.  He would be promoted, to major general, after his recovery.  He would command the Department of Richmond for most of the remainder of the war.

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